The Parable of QAnon

QAnon is a worldwide organization which was created about three years ago by a mythical high-ranking government official, known simply as “Q.” Today, he is held by many to be Donald Trump - leading the faithful in a secret battle between good and evil, and will stand boldly at the front of his armies in the “Coming Storm.” This organization is truly pervasive, considering it is completely bonkers. The evil players, led by Hillary Clinton and the usual suspects, are slimy pedophiles, many of them Hollywood elites, who will stop at nothing to lead the world to satanic ruin. Seriously, I’m not making this up.

As with any zealous movement founded on moral outrage, the message has had a dramatic impact on those with less than a normal grasp on reality. Accusation have been popping up all over the country that QAnon has been disappearing people. One woman actually traveled across the country to assassinate Joe Biden. As she was arrested, she whispered through choked back tears, “Have you heard about the kids?” referring to the tales of pedophilia central to the group’s lexicon. Others have suggested the recent California fires were started by the group to burn out the homeland of evil. Truly wackodelic stuff!

In an effort to reign in all the madness, Facebook and Instagram took down almost 2,000 pages this summer where “discussions of potential violence” were taking place. Then they upped the ban to sights that were tied to “real world harm,” and now finally to all sights related to QAnon, “even if they contain no violent content.” Bravo! A public service! What a bunch of wack-jobs! Right?

When I was a kid, my friend’s mom flatly believed that aliens and the United States had a secret research facility in the Archuleta Mesa in New Mexico. We got a big kick out of her. For centuries people have been talking through their ass about one ridiculous thing or another, but today when someone does it, hundreds of millions of people can potentially hear them. A lot of them even get organized into like-minded groups. So, should we start controlling what all wack-jobs are allowed to say? That’s the implication of internet censorship, and then the most important question of them all – Who decides who is a wack-job and who is not? – Some twenty-something techie who thinks John Stuart Mill was a percussionist for Nirvana.

And what if they started taking down Black Lives Matter sites or the Antifa sites? Or really got out of hand and started taking down Green New Deal sites or Planned Parenthood sites? That wouldn’t be so cool, and that is exactly why traditional liberals are biting their lips right now.

Censorship is one of the most dangerous enemies of a free society. People who believe they have to decide for you whether or not someone is mad, are really saying, you aren’t smart enough to decide for yourself. And that, my friends, is always the first slip on the slippery slope to totalitarian rule.


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