The Janicek Delusion

Updated: Jul 2

Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, you frosting sucking pig. You’re running for the United States Senate, not the East Village Middle School Student Council. Nebraskans have certain expectations when it comes to our elected representatives. We believe our candidates should possess a high degree of integrity and professionalism, and take responsibility for their mistakes. Today, your Facebook post, intended to exonerate you for your failures, instead dramatically underscores exactly why you should not be on our nominee. Once again you have embarrassed yourself, the Democratic Party and Nebraska.

Let’s begin with your “big” mistake, because you still don’t get it. It does not matter in the least whether the woman you made your comment to is or is not a “nutcase.” You have said, that because you are a gay man, you are somehow immune to the offense. The fact that you would even utter such nonsense speaks volumes, but to help you out, let me explain. Among many, there are two big issues to feminism. One is exploitation, which is the point you were defending, and the other, which in my opinion is the bigger issue, is that women are inherently weak, unable to control their emotions and are otherwise victims of their sex. When you suggested your campaign should pay to get your female staff member “laid” so she wouldn’t be such a nasty bitch, you were saying she is incapable of being professional because she is a woman. For that statement alone, there is no coming back. You do not deserve to be our nominee, no matter what you say now.

The second big mistake you made, which you nicely encapsulated in your post today, is that the female staff member in question, had a long history of devious and inappropriate conduct. Then why in the hell did you hire her in the first place? Why didn’t you check out her credentials before you gave her access to your campaign? It sounds like everyone knew she was a problem, so why didn’t you? Your post alone is a very clear indication that your administrative judgment is absurdly weak.

Finally, you, not anyone else, put our State Party Chair in an impossible position. Her first and foremost concern should be and is the welfare of the Party. Your behavior made you unfit to continue as our nominee. Everyone can see that, but you. But instead of recognizing the difficult position you have put us all in, you make excuses, rant on about campaign gossip, deny direct culpability and continue to embarrass us. Our Chair tried to give you a nice out, and instead you threw her under the bus.

Now that your mistakes are out there and thoroughly documented, no one in the media is going to take you seriously, unless of course someone wants to make fun of you or the Party. You have certainly gotten a lot of coverage since your mistake was exposed, but it is all bad. You don’t have anywhere left to go except to become a punchline on late night television, if they even bother.

So, what are you thinking by continuing with your candidacy? Do you think you can somehow overcome this and win? Do you think that Donald Trump will lose so badly that Biden’s coattails will propel you into office? In his first election, Ben Sasse beat Dave Domina, a well-known and well-respected Democrat, almost two to one. You are not nearly as well-known or as well-respected as Dave, and now, with these huge offenses to your credit, you will unquestionably lose most of the support you had. So, the only real reason for continuing your campaign has got to be to fulfill some ego driven fantasy – yet another reason your candidacy is not worth supporting. The truth is that if you continue with this campaign you may very well go down in history for the worst ballot showing of a major party candidate for Senate in U.S. History. Or, is fame, no matter the context, all you’re really after?

The big trouble with all of this is that you are not just hurting yourself. You are embarrassing the Democratic Party both state and nationally. We make the case every day that we are the Party of Women. If you carry our nomination into November, what hypocrisy do we endorse? And don’t forget the damage you will do to our candidates up and down the ticket. Weak candidates hurt everyone. Nebraska Democrats are fighting for statewide viability. The damage you're doing will be long-term.

All you have to do is resign with a magnanimous apology, and your problems will largely be over. We have a good candidate waiting in the wings. Angie Philips sacrificed her own ambition and ego, and the number two spot in the voting to endorse Alisha Shelton. She did it for the good of the Party, where you continue to hold on for nothing but the sake of your own ego. That was a demonstration of real character on Angie's part, just in case you didn't recognize it.

Alisha Shelton is the right person, at the right time to unify the Party and carry us into November. She is a mental health professional, who has exactly the skills and experience we need in our leadership in these troubling times. She’s a unifier, and she’s a good person, and she has a track record of success that goes all the way back to her childhood in the projects of North Omaha. With Alisha, we have a real chance.

Chris, do the right thing.


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