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The President has an obligation, both to the office and to the American people to act and speak with dignity, to espouse a gentile sensibility, and above all, to avoid being demeaning to anyone. I don’t expect anyone to be perfect. All of us have things we wish we had not said, but that does not mean we should ignore clear patterns of behavior and evidence of character. When people tell you who they are, you should listen.

Just to make it clear what I’m talking about, the following comments are not Presidential:

“I’d love nothing more in life than to have Sharon Stone sit on my face.”

“I’d like a piece of that meat.” – About a female employee.

“I would do you in a second.” – To a female employee.

“Make the customer think he’s getting laid when he’s really getting fucked.”

“If women wanted to be appreciated for their brains, they’d go to the library instead of Bloomingdales.”

“Look at the ass on her.”

“Keep him happy with a good blow job.” – To a female employee.

“I like that.” – While looking at a female employee’s legs.

“Kill it.” – To a female employee about her pregnancy.

Obviously, these comments and many others like them resulted in a myriad of lawsuits, and that does not take into consideration all of the women who were either intimidated or paid-off before they got that far. A total of sixty-seven women were prepared to join in one case alone. The environment surrounding this man has been toxic, notoriously sexist and hostile toward women for at least 30 years, and it is all very well documented.

Donna Clancy, an attorney involved with the cases said, “We have investigated his company for the last four years, and the culture is such that women are not valued. In fact, they’re objective, based upon the complaints that I’ve filed on behalf of three plaintiffs and the history that’s listed in those complaints.”

Oh, before I go on, I should clarify that these comments were not made by President Trump or his company. They were made by Michael Bloomberg and his company. (BTW, Elizabeth and I happened to come up with this approach independently.) And, my sources are not Fox News, the New York Post or any other questionable news source. These reports came from ABC, NBC and other highly reputable news sources.

Mostly, Bloomberg has denied these claims, however, Julie Wood, a Bloomberg Campaign Spokesperson, told ABC News. “At the same time, Mike has come to see that some of what he has said is disrespectful and wrong. He believes his words have not always aligned with his values and the way he has led his life.”

The reason that none of this has blown-up before is that Bloomberg has ironclad non-disclosure agreements, as was mentioned last night in the debate, over all of the women who work for him. They are afraid to tell their stories out of a fear of the kind of retribution that someone with $50 billion might bring. ABC News asked Bloomberg through his campaign if he would release these women from their non-disclosure agreements, and the question was asked again by Elizabeth Warren last night. He said no.

What possible sense does it make to exchange one creep in the White House for another, just because he’s our creep. If we want to win again, we’ve got to stand on principle. The people know the difference.


My scoring of last night's "Presidential" debate:

1st Pete Buttigieg

2nd Amy Klobuchar

3rd Elizabeth Warren

4th Bernie Sanders

5th Joe Biden

Dishonorable Mention - Michael Bloomberg

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