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Updated: Jan 6

In an interview last week, I was asked what candidate I liked to win the Democratic nomination for President. I answered, Michelle Obama. I almost gave the poor interviewer whiplash with his double-take, but after this week’s debate, my response seems informed.

Elizabeth Warren is the narrow front runner now as Joe Biden continues to lose air. Joe is in that weird dimension, where no one thinks he’s smart enough, young enough, liberal enough or careful enough to be the nominee, but there isn’t another practical option.

Elizabeth is great on the stump, and she may very well win the nomination. She’s got that hippie grandma thing going on that is really cool, but there are two reasons she will never be president. First, her goals of remaking American capitalism scare the hell out of the business community, labor unions and you know, normal people. She has great confidence in her ability to make socialism succeed where no one in the history of mankind has, but that kind of arrogance leaves everyone uneasy. The second thing is purely a matter of principle. Elizabeth dishonestly used affirmative action to build her career. No matter how you slice it, that is a slap in the face to every minority in this nation, plus another half dozen tracks of her personal story have proven to be no more than fiction.

Bernie is great. He’s so cute. He’s an avowed “Democratic Socialist” and derided Elizabeth last week by calling her a “capitalist.” Oh, my. If Elizabeth scares folks, just how do you think they’d feel about Bernie getting a genuine shot at the brass ring?

I like Pete Buttigieg. He’s wicked smart, good background and charismatic. He’s got a bright future, but there are three things that will keep him from getting the gig. First, if he would have stood-up and led at the beginning of this race, instead of just joining the chorus, he might have had a shot. Second, he may be 37 years-old, but he looks twelve. You just get the feeling in the middle of some of his answers, that his mom is going to call him home for dinner. Finally, he’s gay. It should make no difference, but we all know it does. Mainstream acceptance of the LGBTQ community was not that long ago, and the numbers may not be there yet. Pete looks like a good choice for VP, but whoever chooses him will have to do that math.

I wanted to like Kamala Harris, but I don’t. She has got to be the most smarmy and condescending candidate for office I’ve ever seen. It seems that everything she does is based on some gimmick that never quite hits with the force she expected. Maybe they could use her on Saturday Night Live.

Corey Booker is likeable, and it’s clear he is already running for vice president. In debates he’s working to be the mediator, complimenting everyone, etc. It’s probably a race between he and Pete for VP. As it always is, it will come down to a mathematical computation.

In the beginning, I thought my candidate was going to be Tulsi Gabbard. She didn’t seem to mind controversy in speaking the truth, but since the campaign, she’s deserted that platform for one where she seems to be trying to shoe-horn herself into the Progressive narrative. It’s coming out alphabet soup.

The rest of the field are only running for attention now. Sometimes it's kind of fun to watch, but mostly they're just embarrassing themselves. One final shout-out to Marianne Williamson. What a wonderful lady. I’m so sorry she had to find out the truth about our party and the world.


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