Our Party's Heart of Darkness

I was genuinely shocked this week by the reaction to my blog condemning Michael Bloomberg. I received more comments than any other four pieces I’ve done combined, and I’ve said some pretty crazy stuff before. In spite of their long silence, it seems there are moderate and conservative members of our Party, and they're slowly realizing, as I’ve been saying for months, that Joe Biden is not going to win the nomination.

My big question is, where have you been? In the first debates last year, it was shocking how dedicated the entire field was to moving as far to the left as possible. Bernie has always been out there, but at the time, everyone else was more than happy to be out there with him. The really ridiculous policy ideas that were being thrown round back then were simply fantastic (Meaning: imaginative or fanciful; remote from reality). All the while, the Republicans were storing video clips and gaining excitement about their prospects for the general election. You see, winning a general election requires a majority of votes of everyone, not just your side.

Now, that the reality is setting in that Joe Biden is not going to slip quietly into the nomination, the more conservative flank of the Party is looking for another alternative and Michael Bloomberg seems their big hope. The problem is, as I laid out pretty clearly in my Monday blog, he’s not a Democrat, at least not one that I recognize. He may be saying all the right things now, but you’ve got to judge people on what they do, not what they say. Only a day or two ago, a couple of audio tapes surfaced defining him clearly as the racist he is. He was passionate that singling out minorities made perfect sense, because “… that’s where all the crime is.” Really? Trump is already making inroads in the African American community. If we nominate Bloomberg, it's game over.

But the bigger issue of trying to slip a more conservative nominee in late in the game and save the Party is that it was never going to work. You can’t sit in the tulips, fail repeatedly to challenge the AOC’s of the Party and expect it to all be fine in the end. Along the way, you have to stand with courage and say what you think. Let people know there are sensible parameters and give other people a chance to stand with you. Privately, people have been shouting in my ear for two years about the direction of the Party, but they haven’t been willing to speak up. In their defense, the angry vitriol they would have faced is extreme and daunting.

Now we’re at a point, where Bernie holds all the cards, and I mean all of them. If he does not win the nomination, and a very careful and seriously accommodating effort is not made to gain his trust and support, his forty-plus percent of the Party is going to walk or worse, morph into a third party run. Any other dreamland possibility is simply foolish. That’s the price of standing by in silence all this time.

I made a conscious choice to support Bernie. I disagree with him on almost every one of his policy proposals and have said so. I believe his “socialist” rhetoric is antiquated and dooms his ideas before they’re ever heard. However, he is absolutely right that corporate America operates purely out of greed and is destroying the middle class. He is absolutely right that the rich and powerful have corrupted our system of government and bought-off many in the Democratic Party Establishment. We may not agree on how we go about fixing the system, but we are in total agreement on what the problem is. That’s enough for me right now and it better be for you too, or we’re looking at our worst nightmare coming true.


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