#Me Too Has A Responsibility

True or not, I don’t like it when women come forward to tell their stories of sexual assault ten, twenty or even thirty years after the fact, when it just happens to coincide with a man on the cusp of a lifetime achievement. I understand the psychology of holding your story much better than most, and it still stinks. If a woman does not have the courage to stand against her accuser for many years, but somehow finds that courage when the man in question is in the spotlight, it can't help but look false and contrived. And inevitably the woman's story becomes nothing more than a media sideshow, the man is sullied forever, and our American political system and culture are damaged. The #MeToo Movement has a greater responsibility to this nation than just being a political hit squad.

Joe Biden, our presumptive nominee for President, has been accused by Tara Reade, a former staff member, of sexual assault. She told several people about it at the time. They remember her claims, and her mother called Larry King Live on CNN to discuss it. On the surface of it, there is far more corroboration than Christine Blasey Ford had for her accusations about Brett Kavanaugh, but similarly, there are several factors here that cast a legitimate shadow of doubt over the accuser.

Justice Kavanaugh had to face some humiliating questions in front of his wife, his daughters and the whole of America. It was awful for everyone. Joe Biden is going to have to do the same. It will be horrible for him and everyone who loves him, and it will be horrible for America. He does have files that may shed light on the incident, but it’s been reported that he had a team of staff members go through those files earlier in the year. So, the end-result will probably be a messy and ugly scene played out in the partisan media with no real substance coming of it.

But a much bigger problem for our Party right now is the blatant hypocrisy being committed by many of our most prominent women in leadership. Without any demands for investigation, they have declared their support for Vice President Biden. They are not voicing the same standards they expressed not that long ago. Now, they are calling for due process of law. Then, not at all They are doing everything they can to sweep it all under the desk as fast as they can. Contrast that with the horrific and condescending comments that all of them leveled against Brett Kavanaugh, with far less corroboration, and the double-standard is mind boggling.

More than anything I want the Democratic Party to win. From day one, I founded this blog with that singular goal in mind, but we cannot win if we are not grounded in truth and integrity. We cannot capture and sustain the confidence of the American people if we do not stand on principle. Knee jerk negative reaction to everything Trump or Republican is working against us, not for us. Supporting anyone or anything Democrat without regard to right or wrong is equally destructive. If we are not constant and true, why should anyone believe us? Why should anyone vote for us? We have got to move past this iron curtain of partisan loyalty and start telling the truth. If obvious hypocrisy is the way we do business, then we don’t deserve to win anything.

Whether Joe Biden is guilt of this accusation or not is irrelevant to me. There is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump has done much worse, and those two men are the only choices we have. We find ourselves in this absurd never-never land, because the truth, honor and integrity that were once the hallmark of our republic have largely disappeared. There is little left of veracity in American politics today, and it is destroying us. For the good of our Party and for the good of our nation, someone is eventually going to have to take the high road. It’s my belief, the Party to figure that out first and honestly live by it, is the Party that will break the log jam of American politics and begin to lead again.


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