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Marque Snow was not what I expected. He is unassuming, kind, passionate and wicked smart. He also possesses that wonderful quality reserved exclusively for the young. At age 31, he is desperately convinced he can make the world a better place. I like him a lot.

At present, he is in his second year as board president for Omaha Public Schools and is currently running to replace Senator Sara Howard in the 9th District. He was an Army brat, who went to high school in South Korea and lived all over the world. He considers the military, the family business. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from the University of South Dakota, and shortly thereafter moved to Omaha with his husband.

As a school board member and then as president, Marque is credited with helping to calm the waters after the 2013 upheaval. It’s clear why. He knows his numbers. He’s a clear and concise strategic planner. He knows his issues backwards and forwards, and he talks faster than a Twista on speed. He understands exactly what he is doing and sees his run for the State Legislature as a necessary step forward in helping Nebraska prosper. He’s ambitious, but helping people is what he's about.

Although he’s a relatively new resident of Nebraska, it’s obvious he gets it. He’s not about making big changes, but rather doing things that will help support “the Good Life” we already have. He talks about things like 5G technology and giving the entire state Wi-Fi coverage. He’s working way ahead of the curve. That’s unusual and vital to Nebraska’s future. We need people who can think outside of the box, and he’s one of them.

Like most Millennials, he tends to be a little isolated in his understanding of news and systems with which he has limited experience. He is of the technological age, and like all of us, he trusts what he sees, hears and likes, and largely ignores conflicting information. However, to his credit, there is strong evidence that he doesn’t trust any of it too completely. As I said earlier, he understands his numbers, the ramifications of policy and the reality of doing business. As such, there is a careful methodology that runs through him.

When I asked him how he was going to deal with some of the ultra-conservative cowboys in the legislature, he flatly dismissed the idea there would be a potential problem. He rather looked at it as an opportunity. He’s all about building positive relationships, finding common ground, sharing views and persuasion through truth and logic. He runs the current state of hyper-partisanship through the same filter. He sees it all as something that can be overcome through a renewed emphasis on building trusting relationships.

No matter what party you’re in, Marque Snow is the kind of guy you want in elected office. He cares about the outcomes. He understands how things are supposed to work. He does his homework. He knows his numbers. He knows how to work Aristotle's rules of persuasion. He knows where he wants to go, and how to get there. These days, his optimism alone makes you want him to succeed.



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