Lightening Is Striking Again

Statistically, write-in candidates have a very low probability of success. However, in unusual circumstances, lightening strikes do occur and a few of the most successful politicians in American history have begun their careers as write-in candidates. In case you haven’t noticed, 2020 is an unusual year, and more to the point, the crazy clouds mounting in the race for the United States Senate in Nebraska are more than capable of producing the kind of lightening strikes I suggest. Preston Love, Jr.’s write-in campaign for the United States Senate might just shock the world, and we desperately need his brand of statesmanship!

Ben Sasse is vulnerable. In spite of his awe-shucks delivery and corn-pone antics in the feed yard, he is one of the most entrenched establishment insiders in Congress. Even Fox News’ Tucker Carlson called him out for selling out Sidney, Nebraska, in repayment for vulture capitalist, Paul Singer’s, excessive campaign contributions. It was common knowledge in Washington, that Sasse’s return to Nebraska to lead Midland College was entirely a calculated move to set himself up to run for the Senate. Before he ever returned to Nebraska, he had the three largest Republican Super Pac’s in his pocket. He may wax philosophical about the corruption and overly charged political shenanigans in Washington, but he is a cold blooded establishment player who has a bought and paid for agenda.

Sasse also, on more than one occasion, has slapped Donald Trump right in the face. That does not mean, he wasn’t right, but it does mean there are a significant number of Republicans who don’t like Sasse. Given the right circumstances, they might vote for Trump and jump ship to vote for Preston.

Chris Janicek isn’t worth much further discussion. He has to live with his own bent psychology, and I only wish him the best in confronting his inner demons. Given all that has happened, he is unlikely to garner the votes of anyone beyond his family and a few friends, and from what I hear, he might not even do that well.

Then comes Preston. I’ve mentioned before that he has such a familiar and affable presence it is easy to forget that he has been to the mountain. He’s managed a campaign for the presidency of the United States. He was a key player in the administration of former United Nations Ambassador, Andrew Young, when he was Mayor of Atlanta, and again for Harold Washington in Chicago. He’s made in-roads with the Governor and other Republicans in Nebraska to get things done, when no one else could. He plays bigtime politics on the national stage and has a proven track record of success.

He’s also been through tough times, and suffered, as so many of us do, from our own human weakness. I’d much rather have someone represent me who has been tempered by difficult times rather than another who has only seen the upside of life. It makes them more whole in my mind, and boy, do we need someone in leadership right now who understand real life.

These are turbulent times, but Preston is not one to go off the deep end in search of fireflies. He recognizes political advantage and knows exactly how to capitalize on it. He is measured, thoughtful and senatorial in every sense of the word. Of all the leaders I have met over the years, Preston is on a short list of people who really look like they belong there.

So, let’s make it happen. I’ve already sent my contribution, and I’ll be working for Preston every day until the election. I’m really proud of his candidacy, and I am behind him 100 percent. That’s where you need to be too.


Contributions to or:


Preston Love, Jr.

6021 Villa De Santa Drive

Omaha, NE 68104

Photo Courtesy of the campaign.


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