It's Going to be Okay

As front runners have come and gone, and supposed saviors are shot off their donkeys, it’s natural to feel a mounting fear at our chances in November. President Trump stands smugly on his podium and ridicules, insults and maligns good people, looking frighteningly like Benito Mussolini. Media talking heads join the chorus with no concern for right or wrong – only building their Twitter following. And, seemingly everyone through their own social media microphone ponders the question, “What's going on?” After everything we've been through, it may not feel like we can get our act together, but have heart. WE GOT THIS!

The truth is that in every Primary that challenges an incumbent President or small field of candidates, a similar circus of winnowing always causes consternation. No one thought Donald Trump had a prayer of winning in 2016. There was a slew of candidates in his primary. They beat the hell out of one another fighting for the nomination for months, and it wasn’t until well into the contest that he emerged. Then, as always in these situations, his Party coalesced around him, his campaign was redefined and the race tighten to the point where October surprises and tactics ultimately decided the question. One can even make a good argument, that a tough primary is the best possible way to build the skills necessary to win the big one. That sure looked true last week, in Michael Bloomberg's first outing. The candidates that had already earned their spurs made mincemeat out of him.

Even with all the fits and starts of trying to knock Donald Trump out of the White House and failing over the last few years, we still have the best of all cases to make for electing a new President. Donald Trump is not a man who should lead the most powerful and respected nation in the world. He never rises above anything to act presidential. Instead, he slimes his way through the gutter, pitching muck on everything and everyone he touches. He’s not a leader. He’s a petulant child and bully, who slaps and insults his way through life. Even if you give him the benefit of the doubt on everything he’s done and said, he’s still a gold-plated jerk, and the people know it.

Yes, I know the economy is strong, and he is directly benefiting from the unfolding of our present economic history, but everyone understands that what is happening in America is not fair to everyone. Democrats, Independents and Republicans, we all see it. We see the government corruption. We see the rich and powerful using the system to their advantage. We see how our slice of the pie is getting smaller, while theirs only gets bigger. We see our government, controlled by unimaginable wealth and power, steal affordable health care, destroy our environment and our children’s future. That’s something we can run on and win. All we need to do is trust the people. All we've ever needed to do was trust the people.

In the coming days or maybe weeks, we’re going to choose a nominee. We’ve tried out new looks, new ideas and new faces. We’ve watched as candidates have risen and fallen. We’ve seen folks we never expected to be in the hunt at this point, rise to the occasion and gain stature. Most of us have followed the process very carefully and see the possibilities. We’re going to pick someone soon, and then we’re going to clear our minds of past animosities, favorites and follies. We’re going to rally behind that person, because we must. For the sake of our Party, we must. For the sake of our nation, we must. For the sake of our children, we must, and it’s going to be okay.


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