If I hear Donald Trump utter the words “incredible” or “unbelievable” in relation to something he’s done one more time, I’m going to vomit in my cereal. It’s bad enough that he’s the most arrogant, pompous and self-centered ass that’s ever spent the night in the White House. His utter incompetence in using the English language, does nothing but divide our nation and leave the world with the absolute certainty that we are being led by an orange-headed buffoon... or balloon – interchangeable.

This nation was once led by real leaders – men who understated their accomplishments. Speaking of yourself in relation to some great accomplishment just didn’t happen. It was considered bad form. Can you imagine George Washington talking about how “incredible” his appointment of Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State was, or how about Abraham Lincoln declaring his Emancipation Proclamation “Incredible.” Serious leaders do not toot their own horn. It sounds crass. It sounds arrogant, and it sounds like you’re taking credit for something that someone else did. Even Richard Nixon had the good sense not to take personal credit for our successful landing on the moon. Not Donald Trump. He would have acted as if he, himself, had taken one giant leap for mankind.

Take a great leader in history. I don’t care which one. “I” is not a word they used in the course of their leadership. “We” is the word they used, because “we” suggests a collective action – a team – an army – a nation. When Winston Churchill said, “We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.” He meant the nation shall draw. Trump would say, “I shall draw…” and we’d all immediately surrender.

Trump should take time and read some British history. The British are masters at understating their accomplishments. When Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin and more-or-less altered the course of civilization, he said, “One sometimes finds what one is not looking for.” Right on! Now that’s a beautiful use of our uncommon language, anchored in a sense of propriety.

His horrible leadership aside, Trump completely bastardizes the English language every time he opens his mouth. If you want to describe how spectacular something is, “incredible” and “unbelievable” are the last words you should use. The root of those words suggests something that is not to be believed. The dictionary gives the root of “Incredible” and “unbelievable” as fanciful or remote from reality. Well, maybe he is using them correctly, but there are so many great words he could us to more accurately convey his meaning. What about breathtaking, amazing, impressive, wonderful, inspiring, marvelous, magnificent, superb, glorious, sublime, delightful, fantastic, tremendous, remarkable, terrific, phenomenal, monumental, extraordinary or my personal favorite, amazeballs!

And, beyond his arrogance and misuse of words is his laughable delivery. Whenever, he wants to be serious, he does this little, affected pouting thing, like he’s trying to be dramatic. Unfortunately, he looks more like he’s doing a bad impersonation of Alec Baldwin impersonating him. It’s impossible to get past the caricature of it all to take him seriously. You know, like, “I mourn the loss of another 2,000 souls today.” Okay, man, stop. You’re making me feel such contempt for you, I can’t take what you’re saying seriously. It's all so genuinely unbelievable (correct usage) that we've done to this to our nation.

Thank goodness we have a “tremendous” opportunity to right the Ship of State in about seven months. Pray the time moves quickly. We can't endure this Buffoon and Chief much longer.


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