Emergency Edition

For those of you who have not heard, a Chris Janicek email has surfaced, from his recent campaign, that is one of the most offensive things I have ever seen in politics. Honestly, it is sickening. I don’t really want to repeat it, but in the interest of transparency, and the utter emergency we are in, I feel it is necessary to do so. This is a direct quote of what he wrote:

“I had Allison post it… And I just got back and told her we had to do some work on it they were grandma Claire’s and she got an argue with me and walked off! Do you think the campaign should spend some (money) I’m getting her laid… It will probably take three guys I want one for the mouth the ass in the va-jay-jay. Thoughts?! Money”

I am embarrassed for the Party and for the State of Nebraska. The Washington Post has already run with the story. Apparently, as of this writing, Janicek has refused to relinquish the nomination, and the State Party cannot remove him unless he does. Further, none of the candidates we had on the ballot can run as a write in candidate.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 17, at 1 pm, Angie Philips and Alesha Shelton, the second and third place primary candidates (combined 46.2 percent of the vote) will hold a joint press conference on the corner of 11th and Douglas Streets, near the Pinnacle Bank Building – the building with “OMAHA” painted across it.

I will not step on their news, but I urge all of you to do whatever you have to do to be there. It is vitally important for the Nebraska Democratic Party and the State of Nebraska. This is not simply about Democratic Party politics, but about demonstrating to the world that this is unacceptable behavior on any level. Please join me in being there and wear your mask.



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