Your blog is refreshing and diverse. Take note Democrats, Independents and Enlightened Republicans. Keep up the good work!"

Senator Ben Nelson

Former United States Senator

Former Governor of Nebraska

I've been reading your blogs... Keep doing it woman. It's all strong writing and strong insights. 

Jane Fleming Kleeb

Chair, Nebraska Democratic Party

Member: Democratic National Committee

Whether working with you on a campaign or reading your column, I can always depend on your deep personal integrity, stunning insights and unwavering loyalty. Keep up the good work.

Preston Love Jr

2nd Assoc. Chair, Nebraska Democratic Party

Black Votes Matter

I really look forward to the blogs of the Nebraska Democrat. My number one concern is rights for workers. While the blog is named for Dems, I like that Colleen shoots straight and takes the party to task when they aren't working in the best interest of workers.  Looking forward to the next release.

C.J. King

Vice Chair, Douglas County Democrats

International Representative, IBEW

I appreciate the fresh perspectives and quality of local journalism that The Nebraska Democrat brings to Nebraska residents. The more diverse, well-researched reporting and articles we can get in our State, the better, so my thanks and support to the efforts of The Nebraska Democrat.

Roger Garcia

Chair Ameritas, Metro-Community College Board

Candidate for Douglas County Commissioner 

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